Deity Quest announced

Deity Quest
David Maletz writes in to tell me about Deity Quest, a Pokemon-inspired jRPG in development by two-person outfit Fancy Fish Games.

The premise:

you play as an ambitious new god recently graduated from the Ethereal Academy. Despite being assigned as a simple lower deity of the world of Aberos, your goal is to become the Overgod, the most influential god of all. To get to the top you’ll have to convert followers to fight for you, support your followers in fast-paced 6 vs. 6 battles, develop your divine magic, and compete with other deities, including your cheeky school rival. The game also features large procedurally generated locations to explore, challenging dungeon-crawler-esque quests, and multiplayer arena battles/trading.

Here’s a trailer showing how this actually looks in practice:

And here’s the feature list:

  • Convert Followers – Discover 128 unique follower types throughout the land of Aberos, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and skills.

  • Develop as a Deity – Gain powerful magic unique to your alignment to support your followers and smite your enemies.

  • Explore Aberos – Travel through locations and quests, finding items and secrets, solving puzzles, gaining experience and discovering new followers.

  • Fight 6 vs. 6 Battles – Use strategy to manage and support your followers as they fight, and get the most out of their individual skills.

  • Become the Overgod – Race your rival, battle other deities and solve a murder mystery as you strive to become the Overgod of Aberos!

Deity Quest is due for release on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android sometime in the next few weeks. Maletz says the game will cost $10, or $15 for a special “extended edition.”

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