Ruins of Endoth announced

Ruins of Endoth
Daz writes to me from Ruined Games to announce Ruins of Endoth, a top-down 2D action RPG with procedurally generated environments.

Daz sums up the current state of the game as follows:

  • 10 procedurally generated dungeon levels (potentially infinite in the full release)
  • Fully randomised loot, calling from 10 base item types with up to 20 variations in each.
  • Normal, Magic, Rare and Legendary loot classification – all with separate algorithms that determine the scope of the random rolls.
  • Semi-randomised monster distribution. I have some levels with pre-determined monster types and within that I allow some to spawn and others to not, and also each individual monster has unique stats (within a range for the particular class).  These also scale based on player level at the time they encounter them.
  • Corpses to loot.
  • Three different chest types.  Normal, Silver and Gold.  Silver and gold require keys to open which again are randomly spawned on creatures/chests – along with random spawning of chests
  • Level Clear bonus.  Each level can be played how you wish but you get an abstract ‘Level Cleared’ bonus reward of cash/items/keys if you clear a level of monsters.
  • Player stats and levelling.  The player has Str, Dex and Vit as his Primary Stats and these directly affect Secondary attributes such as RNG (Ranged attack), MEL (Melee attack), Life (Hit Points) and also your total damage output with both kinds fo weapons.
  • Music from Matthew Pablo for the Title screen and Credits.
  • Much more I’m probably forgetting
Full version of the game will expand upon all these elements, and also add randomised main and sub-quests and possibly some item manipulation (enhancement, socketing etc?) as well as merchants, secrets and lots of other content.

This teaser trailer should give you an idea of how it plays:

Daz states that he’s just released a free demo (Windows only)–you can snag it here. Ruins of Endoth is tentatively scheduled for full release in June or July of this year.

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