Courier announced

Adam Prack writes in to announce Courier, a Zelda-alike in development by curiously Biblical-sounding company Adam Creations.

The premise:

The Kingdom of Veilend (the land of Courier) has fresh memories of a war they fought against a neighboring kingdom to defend their lands. Attacks start surfacing that appear just as the attacks that led to the previous war, so tensions rise and a lowly mail carrier attempts to find the real truth behind it all.

Courier reminds me a bit of Bloom, in that the main character has no attacks, only defensive abilities. In the words of Prack, it eschews combat in favor of “environmental obstacles, puzzles, and helping people.” He specifies:

You’ll have the ability to block and dodge as the adventure goes on (both are unlocked abilities), but attacks are not available.  There are no random battles, no menu-based battles, and only a small amount of enemies.  These play out more as mini-boss or boss battles.  These range from defeating the enemies with the environment or making them inadvertently defeat themselves.

You character collects stamps to increase his maximum health, and in true Zelda fashion, these are scattered throughout the game world in hidden locations.

Here’s a trailer that should hopefully get the idea across:

Courier is currently planned for release on Windows, Mac, Linux and WiiU in 2015. Courier is on Kickstarter–Prack still plans to releasde the game if it fails to secure funding, though the development will be significantly delayed.

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