New release: Star Traders 4X Empires

Star Traders 4X Empires
Word has it that the Trese Brothers have released a sequel to Star Traders, called Star Traders 4X Empires.

The premise:

The great Exodus has ending and the splintered Star Trader Factions are lost, tired of the endless travel, or too slow to keep pace with the main fleet. Alone, and without the protection of the mighty Templars, you must step into the position of leadership to guide the Factions to their new homeworlds among the stars. You must take command and help carve out a new Quadrant, and lead the refugees from near-extinction to prosperity in a turn-based empire building game. As a political and military leader, the you must use all of your diplomacy, spy-craft and economic savvy to build a winning strategy. Facing both internal and external threats, the player defends the empire from infighting political factions and hostile alien creatures.

Here’s the trailer:

The list of features includes:

  • Build a vast and mighty empire among the stars, manage a complex economy as you install mines, Spice Halls, Exchanges, Palaces and more
  • Defend your Quadrant from one or more Alien races bent on your eradication. Engage in massive fleet on fleet battles with hypersonic Torpedos, mass-driver Guns, Boarding and Planetary Invasion
  • Design and build endless combination of starships to ply deep-space and fight the Alien onslaught
  • Research and rediscover 100+ lost technologies on a sprawling tree
  • Strive to manage the Factions with a robust political system, using espionage and diplomatic power to end conflicts, foster treaties and enhance trade
  • Explore strange and dangerous anomalies among the stars to advance your civilization
  • 5 rich difficulty settings from easy, to realistic, to nearly impossible challenges

Star Traders 4X Empires follows the usual Trese Brothers pricing scheme, with a free basic Android version , a free basic iOS version, and a $4.99 “Elite” Android version.

A desktop release for Windows, Mac and Linux is planned for the future. To that end, Star Traders 4X Empires is on Steam Greenlight; you can upvote it there if you’d like to see it come to Steam.


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