Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame announced

Joe Woynillowicz of Toronto-based indie developer Creoterra writes in to announce a new strategy RPG in development–the name, Empyrios: Prophecy of Flame.

The narrative premise:

Discord reigns far and wide throughout the lands of Borealis. Ancient alliances have crumbled, while new pacts have been forged. Clans are locked in a battle for power and supremacy as the factions wage war over the valuable resource Crystellum, rare crystals that have been infused with the power of the Magi.

Battle through the campaign from the perspective of either faction, or take your army online to clash with enemies, vying to become the true champion. War is here. Are you ready?

Empyrios features eight different races, and will have 40 different units total. (The Math Fairy tells me that this means each race will get something like five distinct unit types to play with.)

Combat is turn-based and hex-based. Each character has 3 abilities, all with a varying ‘power’ cost, and each turn they regenerate a small amount of health/power.

Empyrios is planned to ship with two campaigns, one for each of the two factions (the “Mystic Covenant” and the “Shadowlord Pact”) in the storyline. Woynillowicz states that the campaigns each show a different side of the same narrative, and that they’ll require different strategies to succeed.

Empyrios is planned for release for iPad, Windows and Mac sometime in the latter half of this year.

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