Legena: Union Tides announced

Jeremy Beare of Grandpa Pixel writes in to announce Legena: Union Tides, an SNES-style jRPG he’s developing.

The narrative premise: “It is a time of discord, and the creatures of the sea have decided to organize against the oppression of their employer, Poseidon–to form a sort of…Union Tide.”

…ahhhhh, just kidding! Here is the actual narrative summary:

Legena, n.  A legend that spans an era: the legend of the Narrator

Have you seen the red sky? And the green lightning? Rumour has it whenever the sky turns red and the land is struck by green, the Narrator appears. A time traveller I hear. You best be a good boy. You best be a good girl. Otherwise the legend will come true. The Narrator will get you.

Take the role of Tetiro Aceus and Atesan Turwin to explore the open seas, stop the pirate lords and discover the dark side of the Legena universe. And how their roles turn the gears of a legena that spans countless eras.

I’ve spent a little time with an early demo version, and the main thing that stuck out to me during my brief time with it is how utterly weird the story is. This comes through a bit in Legena’s debut trailer:

Legena is presently on Kickstarter, where it needs to raise about $7,500 more. If successful, it will release next December for Windows, Android, OUYA and GameStick with improved graphics; if it fails, they will press on with development, but it will take longer to release, and not to the level of quality the developers wish.

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