Lords of Xulima hits paid beta, taking pre-orders

Word reaches me that upcoming wRPG Lords of Xulima , previously covered here, has hit beta.

Specifically, Spanish developers Numantian Games have made the beta version available with pre-order of the game–however, at $45, it’s a bit on the pricey side. Windows only for now.

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  • Dave says:

    Honestly, I don’t understand this trend of developers charging substantially more money for beta access. Beta testing is something I generally wouldn’t even want to do for free, as I prefer my first experience with an RPG to be as bug-free and feature complete as possible (as it is, I’m wishing I had the willpower to wait until the AI personality patch came out before I started Divinity Original Sin).

    Of course, it’s a great way to support indie developers if you have the spare money but I’m content to wait for the completed game which I’m getting for a pre-order of $15. LoX certainly looks promising. I just hope there’s more to it than combat (i.e., role-playing).

  • Drakov says:

    Agreed, Dave! There are so many good games, I want to play a full game, not bugtesting an alpha/beta. I’m playing King of Dragon Pass now, a really good old game, always enjoyable! 🙂

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