New release: Dragon’s Dungeon

Word reaches me that there’s a new Android roguelike out by the name of Dragon’s Dungeon.

Created by Russian developer LunarPixel, Dragon’s Dungeon is distinguishable from most graphical roguelikes by the inclusion of an optional “easy mode,” which permits a slain character to respawn with all of his / her loot.

The game also includes merchants, the ability to gamble for gold in a card mini-game, a full-fledged crafting system, and a non-standard leveling mechanic that sounds like something of a combination between the mushroom houses from Mario 3 and Final Fantasy X’s sphere grid:

Non-standard character leveling is formed randomly, too, and is represented by a field with 120 cells, each of them hiding a skill or a stat point. Skill cell is marked with gold. Learning an available cell opens its neighboring cells to be learned later.

Here is the official trailer:

The developers have provided a gameplay video as well. (It’s in Russian, but you should be able to follow along with what’s happening fairly easily.)

Dragon’s Dungeon is exclusive to Android, and comes in “lite” and “full” varieties. The lite version is limited to two character classes and a single 25-level dungeon location; the full version offers a choice of all six character classes and three 25-levels dungeons. You can pick up the lite version for free here, or the full version for $1.99 right here.

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