New release: Wind Child Black

Wind Child
Word reaches me that there’s a new RPG Maker jRPG on the scene. It’s called Wind Child Black, and it appears to be something of a collaboration between Warfare Studios (the prolific developer behind Jade’s Journey, Opaline and Vengeance Road) and Amaranth Games (the even more prolific developer behind Ahriman’s Prophecy and the Aveyond series).

The narrative premise of Wind Child Black is as follows:

Five souls, brought together in a simple rescue mission, to find and save one lone girl, find themselves pulled into something so much bigger than they had anticipated, so much larger than they know. Why are they opposed at every turn by an ancient sorceress? Why are they stalked by a vengeance-minded killer? How are the four greatest heroes in all of history connected? And is anyone who they say they are? Or who they believe they are?

As they explore a land founded by heroes and haunted by its tragic past, they will come to learn that they are more connected then they had believed.

Once they were strangers. Circumstances made them companions. The journey will make them friends. Destiny will make them heroes.

According to developer Raphael Delmaschio, Warfare Studios was the primary creator here, with Amaranth Games providing art and occasional design input.

Wind Child Black is not available on the Warfare Studios site, but it is available via affiliate sites. Pick your favorite: it’s $19.99 on Amaranth Games and Aldorlea Games. Windows only. There’s a free demo here.

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