Back to Back: Indie RPGs to fund

It has been less than a week since our last Back to Back, but so many new campaigns started right after that last post that I feel I would be remiss not to update you all!

Every game that was in the last edition is still seeking funding except for Legena, which sadly fell short of its goal. Here’s the current roster of games, old and new:

  • After Reset – a post-apocalyptic wRPG; it is fully funded with 19 days remaining.
  • Braven Arts – a 2D jRPG with original graphics, Suikoden-style mechanics, and terrain tiles in combat. This one has 21 days to raise about $16,000 to hit its goal.
  • Data Hacker: Reboot – a 2D jRPG and the third installment in the Data Hacker series (you may recall that we announced this one at the start of June). It is halfway to its £2,900 funding goal with 38 days left to go.
  • Elysian Shadows – a “next-generation” 2D jRPG that has physics, dynamic lighting, and occasional switches into 3D perspective with (shudder) 3D platforming. Regrettably, the developers have chosen a hefty $150,000 funding goal; they have 29 days to raise another $134,000 if they are to be funded.
  • FitRPG – an RPG that uses data from your real-life exercise routines to level up your character. FitRPG has 8 days left to raise about $23,700.
  • Gravia Tactics – a Disgaea-style strategy RPG with…Disgaea elements. Yeah. Basically, it looks like a Disgaea clone. And hey, I could go for that, but with a £120,000 funding goal, the developers have one hell of a battle ahead of them to meet the goal. They need to raise another £117,000 (read: $197,000) or so in the next 24 days.
  • Jotun – a 2D Norse Zelda-alike where all of the game’s combat is distilled into giant, multi-stage boss encounters against elemental titans a la Shadow of the Colossus. Moreover, the game’s hand-animated sprites are just fabulous. Jotun is more than halfway funded, with $18,000 CAD to raise in the next 19 days.
  • Snot – a Metroidvania starring a snail who is able to combine powers in his shell for various cool effects. It’s a shame about the game’s name, but what can you do? (Besides not naming your game after bodily discharges, I mean.) Snot has a £25,000 funding goal, and 14 days left in which to meet it. Hopefully it snot too hard to pull off! (Sorry, sorry.)
  • Soul Sword RPG – the “Christian Wholesome RPG” we mentioned last time: about Jack Rionhart, 18-year-old “babe in Christ.” Only $960 and 5 days left to go!

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  • Dave says:

    Out of all of those, I’m backing “Braven Arts”. To me they’re the perfect example of a KS project that deserves to be funded; they’re a small indie team, with great ideas, some work to show, and it’s an ambitious, but still plausible project.

    Elysian Shadows is something I might have backed, but I’m not really excited about the battle system (action RPG with AI controlled companions), nor the platforming aspects. The developers have apparently amassed a following on youtube and social media so maybe they’ll actually pull off that high goal.

    If I thought Gravia had a shot, I might back it. Not into some of the wacky Diagaea elements so… maybe not.

    There’s another RPG not mentioned here called Fritz:

    It sounds like an interesting idea but my nostalgia just doesn’t go back to the 8 bit era. I can still find 16-bit RPGs charming, but this ultra-low res, pixelated stuff just looks BAD. The text in the screen shots is hard to read.

  • Falco Girgis says:

    Lead developer of Elysian Shadows here… Unfortunately the 150k goal was not something I had control over. Two of us quit full-time engineering jobs, and will still be taking significant paycuts even with this goal, along with having to pay artists…

    We could have set the goal way lower and tried to half-ass the game… But we have put our hearts and souls into this, and we don’t want to take peoples’ money and commit to something if we can’t deliver.

  • Craig Stern says:

    Totally understandable. I’m impressed by your fundraising progress so far, though–it’s looking like you might actually hit your goal, high as it is. 🙂

  • bum198 says:

    I’m going to be backing braven arts looks great.

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