New release: Deja Vu Chronicles

Deja Vu Chronicles
Billed as “an epic adventure in reverse,” Deja Vu Chronicles is a short jRPG (approximately one hour in length), created in RPG Maker by a small team under the name “NebelSoft.”

The narrative premise:

The four adventurous heroines Miruka, Hanako, Edelweiss and Aquamarin came a long way. They fought their way up to lv 99 and finally stand before the world’s worst nightmare, the “evil warlock”, who’s evil plans contain nothing but malice! But, can they stop him? Can they stop the evil warlock from summoning the bringer of apocalypse, Pyramid Golem, in time? And will their adventure really be crowned with victory over him? Or, will this pinpoint only the beginning of a whole different kind of journey… a challenge of courage and friendship throughout mysterious time-leaps.

The game is free to download; Windows only. You can nab it here.

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