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Richard writes in to announce INT, a party-based RPG set in a sci-fi future version of our own solar system. They refer to it as a roguelike, but I think that’s stretching the definition pretty darn thin–based on their description, I’d describe it more like “Mass Effect with a load of procedural content.”

The premise:

INT focuses on the character’s journey from refugee to captain of their own starship during an Interstellar Civil War. During the journey the character explores, battles, and interacts with many unique and differing companions which in turn unlock differing game paths for the player to explore. Throughout the game you can side and complete missions through criminal cartels, and the two major combatants, the UCE and ACP.

The developers have posted more about the factions, as well as a very long and detailed history of the conflict between the UCE and ACP. Beyond that, however, the storyline remains somewhat abstract–and indeed, that’s presumably because it is going to be procedurally generated.

The companions you acquire will unlock story quests for you, and each will be interactive in their own right. The developers state: “Each companion will have actual dialogue, a backstory, and interact with the player and other companions on the crew.   You will be able to interact with them on your starship and also during your adventure by starting a conversation with them.”

Here is a teaser trailer–no gameplay footage to speak of in this one, but the game is still so early in development that that’s probably for the best:

The list of planned features includes:

*Sandbox leveling system and combat
*Randomized Companions and levels
*Party gameplay mechanics
*Character driven multi-strand storyline
*Faction alignment system and bonuses
*Immersive living worlds which you can explore using the DSR (Data Storage and Retriever) tapping in the planetary news networks to find potential quests.

Combat in the game’s initial release will be party-based, not ship-to-ship; you will control a party of up to four characters, with the proceedings occurring in a real-time-with-pause environment. The initial release will see the action taking place planetside, with acquisition of a starship to come later.

INT is planned for release on Windows, Mac and Linux. Given that the game is very early in development, it should not be entirely surprising that there is not yet a final release date planned. However, the developers have stated that they are aiming to release a public demo in early 2015. You can follow the INT team’s progress on their official developer’s log.

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