New release: Lethal RPG: War

Lethal RPG War
I did a double-take when the words “Lethal RPG” appeared on my computer monitor. “Wait a second,” I said. “Lethal RPG? Isn’t that a friggin’ enormous series of somewhat rudimentary Flash RPGs from approximately a zillion years ago?” Five seconds of Googling later, and behold: this is indeed a jRPG in that very same lineage, albeit looking much more polished and sophisticated than the titles I played so many years hence.

Lethal RPG: War is a mobile jRPG developed by Ben Webb, a.k.a. EyeSpyda Games. The premise:

Journey on an epic quest with Lethal and his elite party of warriors through a huge fantasy land. Play as Lethal and his companions in exciting turn based battles against a variety of fantasy creatures.

So, uh, a little light on narrative details there. (I can only assume that a war is somehow involved somewhere.) Luckily, the game’s feature list is decidedly more informative:

  • 8 playable characters, all with unique abilities, armor and weapons.
  • Turn-based combat featuring a diverse and engaging battle system.
  • A huge world with 13 areas to explore, all with unique enemies and quests.
  • Craft powerful armor and weapons from materials gathered from intense boss monster encounters throughout the kingdom.
  • Over 50 story quests to complete.
  • An arena that lets you put your abilities to the test, where you face off against more difficult versions of past encounters.
  • Loads of pets to find that have special abilities to help you face your enemies in battle.
  • New Game Plus mode that lets your bring all your characters and items into a new game, creating an all new experience.

You can snag the game for $2.99 for Android or iOS.

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