New release: Neighbourhood Necromancer

Neighbourhood Necromancer
One Choice of Games release that I forgot to post about a few months ago is Neighbourhood Necromancer, a choose-your-own-adventure / RPG hybrid with a sort of reverse “Zombies Ate My Neighbors” plot, written by Gavin Inglis.

The premise:

Command the undead to take revenge on the suburbs! Oh, everyone at school laughed at you, but no one will laugh when your minions seize control of critical local infrastructure. Perhaps you’ll start by taking over a convenience store.

Will you rule suburbia openly or skulk in the shadows? Will your necromancing impress the cool kids at school? Will you use your dark powers to destroy your home town, or save it from the secret industrial/military operatives who have come to destroy you? The choice is yours.

Your stats include Control, Energy, Luck, Corruption, and Humanity, each of which can be influenced by your choices in the game.

There is a short demo available; the full game is available for $2.99 for iOS and Android; you can also nab it for Windows, Mac and Linux via the Chrome Store.

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