Eternal Eclipse announced

Eternal Eclipse
Word reaches me that there’s a new action RPG / survival game hybrid in development by the name of Eternal Eclipse, by developers also calling themselves “Eternal Eclipse.”

The premise:

Thrown back centuries in a dark and unknown wilderness, having no reinforcements, players have limited resources. Killing furious monsters, building shelter, mastering skills like fishing, cooking and woodcutting to increase survival. While traveling distant lands, people will assemble and create a clan to win the never ending battle. Never being alone, other clans are looking for blood to quench their thirst! Only the most experienced at surviving this harsh environment will be rewarded with real world cash and fame!

I admit, I’m really not clear on whether they mean “real world cash and fame” in the in-game sense (i.e. back in your character’s own time, as opposed to the time you’re in after you’ve been thrown back centuries), or if they are actually suggesting that you and I will become rich and famous in real life by being good at Eternal Eclipse.

Aside from that, it sounds promising; I can’t remember the last time I played a Diablo-alike that featured survival of the elements as an objective. The description makes it sound like there may be hunger and exposure systems, though that’s surely a bit of speculation on my part.

Eternal Eclipse is reportedly planned for release in the second quarter of 2015 for Windows and Mac. In the meantime, as the video above shows, developer Naman Jain has released a free tech demo–you can nab it here.

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