New release: Pixel Fantasy

Pixel Fantasy
Word reaches me that there’s a new mobile RPG in town with a Match 3-style combat system and the Oryx fantasy sprite set. Created by Columbian developer Carlos Andrés (a.k.a. BlogsCol), this game goes by the name of Pixel Fantasy.

The premise:

Pixel Fantasy, is a puzzle RPG in which you have to prove that you’re the most powerful warrior.

That’s it. Not exactly ground-breaking narrative stuff there. Then again, the proof is in the pudding–and by “pudding,” I of course mean “combat system that is clearly inspired by Puzzle Quest.”

As in that classic title, you create a character from a limited choice of classes (here, it’s Warrior, Archer and Mage), then level him or her up, obtaining new skills and investing in different stats as you battle your way through a succession of enemies. You swap gems during combat, trying to match three or more. Depending on the gems matched, you’ll gain resources or bonuses to your abilities:

Sword: Increases the attack and magic attack.
Shield: Upload defense and magical defense.
Treasury: Increases your money.
Meat: Increases energy.
Green Potion: Increases magic points.
Skull: Increases the power of the enemy.

The game features 50 enemy types and 30 different skills for you to acquire.

Pixel Fantasy is a free game; Android only. You can nab it here.

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