New release: Secret of QWERTY

Secret of QWERTY
Hey folks! With the year ending, we’re in a slow news period for indie RPGs, but there are still things happening.

Gryphon writes in to tell me about the release of Secret of QWERTY, a jRPG in which battles require you to correctly type out a sequence of words under time pressure in order to attack your opponents:

Secret of Qwerty is an educational game inspired by The Typing of the Dead and Dragon Warrior. You explore, interact with characters, and fight enemies as in a typical role-playing game, but when you enter battle you damage enemies by typing words! You can also cast powerful spells and collect magical items on your way to defeat Qwertz and his four guardians forever.

When in battle, failing to type out the word correctly in time results in the enemy attacking you, damaging your health. If you mess up, however, you can use the number keys to quaff potions and cast spells that should help you recover. You can see how all this plays out in the gameplay trailer below:

Secret of QWERTY is free; Windows only. You can download it here.

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