New release: The Tale of a Common Man

The Tale of a Common Man
Word reaches me that Aldorlea Games has released a brand new jRPG by the name of The Tale of a Common Man.

The premise:

Jerrat was a farmer, not a knight or a lord, a common man, what the world considered just one of the ‘little people’. But sometimes the world needs the qualities of a common man, and the actions of the little people can change everything.

Can Jerrat achieve his aim without ceasing to be the man his wife loved? Find out as you join him on his journey, where the tale of a common man intertwines with the destiny of a nation.

The developer states that TToaCM is highly customizable, with differing difficulty modes, the ability to set the random encounter rate, and the ability to simply opt for visible enemies over random encounters entirely. In a nice touch, character progression in this game is player-directed; you can allocate stat points however you like upon leveling up.

Among the game’s official list of features:

  • 7 plus 1 optional characters
  • Five characters in the active party to add strategic depth
  • 8-direction movement with mouse or keyboard
  • Title screen updates each time a new character joins the party to include their image
  • 17 side quests
  • 30 secret rooms to discover
  • 30+ hours of addictive gameplay
  • Make useful potions using ingredients and recipes
  • Great-looking enemies, beautiful environments and charming music

The Tale of a Common Man is available for Windows; it’s $19.99 to get the full version, though you can try out the game’s free demo first if you like.

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  • Rya.Reisender says:

    Something is weird with those picture links, if I click on some of them I get to the Americana Dawn pictures and blog entry instead.

  • BarryB says:

    I’ve heard a rumor that Aldorea has invented an automated Rubic’s Cube, based on common JRPG features and tropes. They leave it overnight, and hey presto, the following day they have a new JRPG. Amazing the nonsense people will believe.


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