New release: Ramble Planet

Ramble Planet
Marek Naum writes in to tell me about Ramble Planet, a strange sci-fi RPG developed by A. Hagen using the OHRRPGCE game creation engine. (It released almost a year ago, but that’s recent enough that I’ll just count it as a new release.)

The premise:

Your spaceship has crashed on Badmark, a frontier planet and tourist hotspot. To escape, you must scour this hostile landscape for replacement parts while befriending or battling its strange denizens.

The game features strange, colorful, iconographic tile graphics. There’s a gameplay trailer that shows off off the start of the game, where you can see everything in motion:

The world seems interesting, although the game’s battles all appear to auto-resolve, which means the game’s challenge is likely to come more or less exclusively from exploration and puzzle solving.

According to the developer, Ramble Planet’s features include:

  • Free-roaming exploration of a sprawling world.
  • Numerous puzzles and secrets.
  • 3 playable alien races with unique agendas.
  • Groovy original music.

Ramble Planet is free; download it for Windows, Android, or OUYA.

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