New release: The Depths of Tolagal

The Depths of Tolagal
Words reaches me that there’s a new graphical roguelike out. Developed by British indie developer Angry Toad Studios, this one’s called The Depths of Tolagal.

The premise:

You are searching for your missing apprentice within the deep, dark dungeons of Tolagal. Did he go there willingly, or was he kidnapped? You don’t really care, you just want your damn apprentice back!

So, uh, it seems it’s not big on story–but that’s pretty much par for for course in the roguelike universe. Besides: according to the developer, this game’s emphasis is on tactical combat.

While movement in exploration mode is of the traditional one-step-at-a-time variety, combat employs an action point system that expands the possibility space pretty considerably. You can see how this looks in the trailer below:

I have yet to see any media for the game which shows you playing any character class other than a butcher, but the game does let you shape your character as you level up by selecting from different perks, so it has that going for it.

The Depths of Tolagal is available for $9.99 right now via The Humble Store and Steam. Windows, Mac and Linux.

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