Sui Generis announced

Sui Generis
Okay, this was actually announced quite a while ago, buuuut I never got around to posting about it, so here we go regardless! Sui Generis is a 3D isometric action RPG that’s been in development by Bare Mettle Entertainment for a few years now.

The premise:

On a treacherous world with a tortured history the meagre remnants of humanity live in awe of a misconceived past, haunted by forgotten gods and fearful of the very ground they tread. A vast sprawling underworld ever present below their feet, baleful demons lying in wait. Thaumaturges, people with powerful psychic abilities, have abandoned their once benevolent nature turning to cruel and dark activities in their quest for ultimate power. Awoken by impending threats, an abandoned and damaged being gives rise to its ancient weapons who now walk amongst the people again.

The thing that makes Sui Generis stand out–and it really makes it stand out–is its real-time, physics-based combat. There hasn’t been a new video of this uploaded since November 2013, but the pre-alpha gameplay video remains impressive:

(There’s a bonus video showing how the game controls as well.) The developers have written that they want the finished game to be open world, and that they want it to feel as much like a simulation as possible, with everything in the world mutable and reactive.

Despite the rather long time lapse between the last video and today, the developers have kept up with posting updates every few months or so; in October 2014, for instance, they released a playable alpha of a prelude called “Exanima” to their alpha access tier Kickstarter backers. So far as I can tell, it seems that the project remains alive.

As for when this will be released…well, your guess is as good as mine. The prelude was originally scheduled for a full (read: not alpha) release in May 2014, five months before the prelude’s alpha version actually came out. Given the pace of progress, I would not expect this game to be completed any time before 2016.

Sui Generis is planned for Windows, with a Mac port very likely.

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  • Alyric says:

    Hmmm… looks interesting – definitely very pretty. I think I’d need to try some sort of a demo (even if it was just a combat demo) before I’d be convinced, though – it sounds awkward to control, and I’m not exactly a twitch gamer.


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