Legends of Pixelia announced

Legends of Pixelia
Florian Siemer writes in to announce Legends of Pixelia, an action roguelike-like being developed by himself under the name SimaGames. Legends of Pixelia features distinctly lo-fi graphics and combat mechanics that remind me more than a little of brawlers like Final Fight or Streets of Rage.

The premise:

Legends of Pixelia is an action role-playing game that combines retro pixelart with modern gameplay mechanics. Tired of left-clicking through hordes of brainless one-hit-KO enemies? Random dungeons, precise controls via gamepad (or keyboard) and a strong fighting game AI provide challenging encounters. Be prepared!

Now then, about those brawler-y combat mechanics; the developer boasts of strong enemy AI “that knows how to block and when to use skills.” Take a gander at this:

According to Siemer, the game gives you a choice of character classes when you start, and you can then shape your character by assigning stat points. The dungeons are procedurally generated, and permadeath is optional.

LoP will also reportedly include support for co-op multiplayer and PvP for up to 4 players; there’s gamepad support, and local matches are supported.

Regrettably, I forgot to include this in my last Back to Back; LoP is currently on IndieGoGo, where it needs about $2,300 more to get funded. Siemer informs me that the money would allow him a few much-needed months to work on the game full-time, but that he’ll still develop the game without it–he’ll just need to rely on selling a content-starved version on Steam Early Access to try to fund it. If you want to help him out, you can throw a few dollars his way here.

Legends of Pixelia is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux. There is no release date planned yet.

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