MyRPG Master announced, in paid alpha

MyRPG Master
It’s been a while since I last posted about an RPG creation tool, but it looks like we have a new one on the horizon. In development by French indie Dragon Head Studio, MyRPG Master is designed to let you create 3D RPGs without any coding.

Dragon Head Studio provides a powerful 3D engine, with simple editors, that will give the users the unique opportunity to build nice and rich 3D worlds.

MyRPG Master includes a terrain editor, a river editor, the ability to edit characters and objects, and so on. It also lets you test out what you’ve made in-editor, which–speaking as an RPG developer–is a pretty darn handy thing to have. This trailer shows a few of the program’s editors in action:

The developers state that MyRPG Master is planned to have two other notable features:

  • a large built-in object library the user can use to build their own worlds and adventures. This library is updated on weekly basis with new assets and will offer thousands of flora, fauna, buildings, creatures and many more items. And for even more creativity, users can add any 3D object of their choice through the collada files importer.
  • another feature widely expected by RPG creators: the opportunity to choose their own rule system. They can choose between dice systems, like in classic pen and paper games, or formulas like in most MMORPGs. They can also work on their full own rule system or import those of their favorite pen and paper RPG.

MyRPG Master is currently in alpha, with only some of its editors currently implemented. According to the developers, the program’s “Rules and Universe editors will be progressively released over the next months.”

Just as importantly, you can’t actually release the games you make with it yet. The devs note that games made with MyRPG Master will be playable by people using a free but yet-to-be-released client called “MyRPG Player.” As for creating standalone executables, “[a] special program called ‘MyRPG Indie’ will also be available later for ambitious projects wishing to plan a stand alone release.”

Even so, if you want to get in on it early, you can snag MyRPG Master for $39.99 on Steam Early Access. Windows only.

The developers state that they plan for a beta release this summer, and final release by the end of 2015.

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  • BarryB says:

    By paid alpha, you mean of course that they pay to have someone test their product out in alpha, reporting bugs, etc. Because having to pay for a buggy, not-ready-for-primetime product that you then spend your time helping to get to gold would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?


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