Flamberge public alpha released, release date announced

Word reaches me that Flamberge, the simultaneous turn-based sRPG we featured in a Back to Back late last year, was just released this past week for purchase by early adopters.

Created by Michael Savage-Benoist and Ben Cohn (now going by the developer name Hydezeke), Flamberge addresses the problem inherent to melee attacks and simultaneous turns–namely, that characters will just end up running past each other and missing one another every single turn–by essentially turning your melee units into human guided missiles:

The alpha version of Flamberge is available direct from the developer or on Steam, priced at $10. There’s also a free alpha demo available. Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The full release is planned for April 24, 2015 (which is pretty damned soon for a game that’s not even in beta yet, but hey, who knows–maybe it’ll release on time).

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  • Helge says:

    Actually, this looks quite good. Unfortunately, Pillars of Eternity just came out and I only have so much time to spare. Put it on my steam wishlist just in case.

    Re: beta/alpha/release – the quality of the demo was pretty good, very smooth, no crashes and a quite sophisticated combat system.


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