New release: Ananias

Word reaches me that there’s a new mobile roguelike on the scene entitled Ananias. Developed by Slashware (a.k.a. Slashie, indie developer and creator of approximately one dozen roguelikes), this one is a traditional roguelike of the graphical variety, and is already up to version 1.56.

The developer describes Ananias as a straightforward roguelike with an interface specially suited for touch controls, and mechanics optimal for quick play sessions. The premise:

Dive to the bottom of the tombs of the gods using your smartphone’s browser. Take adventure with you everywhere!

If that isn’t descriptive enough for you, then perhaps the trailer will give you a better sense of things:

The game’s feature list is as follows:

  • Four player classes with different skills and play styles.
  • 41 enemy types, each with an unique feature that makes him stand apart from the rest.
  • Pick a monster to join you in your adventure, or transform a deadly foe into an ally.
  • Make your monsters evolve into powerful creatures using magic spells found into the dungeon.
  • Randomly generated environments, every game is a new adventure!
  • Explore five different environments as you dive into the bowels of earth
  • Hand-crafted authentic pixel art and Original Soundtrack
  • Challenge your friends online playing head to head to see who survives longer
  • Rise through both the global and friends ranking.
  • Play online on any modern browser or download for your Android device.

Ananias is available to play for free in-browser. In addition, those with Android phones can nab a free version and/or a $2.99 “Fellowship Edition” version that lets you play online with friends.

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