Rain of Reflections announced

It appears that there’s a new sci-fi RPG in development by the name of Rain of Reflections. Swedish indies Lionbite describe Rain of Reflections as a “cyberpunk noir” RPG that seeks to avoid filler and grinding, with a story told through multiple perspectives.

The premise:

Rain of Reflections tells its noiresque story through three protagonists, two of which are female. The player will get to experience life in the futuristic, dystopian city through all three perspectives, ranging through society’s layers and social classes, interweaving the highly choice-driven journey.

The devs state that Rain of Reflections will employ a morale mechanic in combat that allows the player to “use environments, ruse tactics, threats and even smart dialogue choices to handle confrontations without resorting to mindlessly blowing enemies to pieces.”

Rain of Reflections is in development for Windows, and currently planned for release sometime in 2016. The devs state that ports to other platforms may come afterwards.

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