New-ish release: Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria

Dragon Fantasy Volumes of Westeria
Hey there, indie RPG fans! I’m still busy as all heck, but I’ve managed to slip away from post-release craziness for a moment to tell you about a game that released recently: Dragon Fantasy: Volumes of Westeria.

You may recall Dragon Fantasy Book I, a jRPG by Muteki Corp. that released almost exactly two and a half years ago for the PS3 and PS Vita. One enhanced version and a full sequel later, it seems that Dragon Fantasy has finally made its way over to the PC! The PC version features extra content, to say nothing of that snazzy new “Volumes of Westeria” subtitle.

You can nab Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria for $9.99 on Steam; Windows, Mac, and Linux.

(A brief note: although the game now has a publisher, in accordance with our guidelines, DFtVoW was developed before that arrangement took place. Thus, for our purposes here, it is indie.)

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  • Grauken says:

    That game has been published on Desura since 2012. Hardly a new release

  • MrGazillion says:

    I’m glad this is on PC. I didn’t know it was released on Desura, I had been looking at it on the iOS store and I just can’t stand playing these games on a tablet (I also don’t have access to a Playstation).


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