New release: Rack N Ruin

Rack N Ruin
First announced nearly two years ago, Tyler Hunter of LifeSpark Entertainment writes in to announce that indie Zelda-alike Rack N Ruin has now been released for the Playstation 4.

The premise:

Take control of Rack, a little demon whose sole pleasure is to bring about unwanton destruction. Heroes will rise, Guardians will awaken, and Gods will descend to defend their doomed planet from the little invader. The path to world domination is wrought with exploration, puzzles, and heated battle. See the world change from a lush idealistic fairie tale into a nightmare as Rack slowly corrupts the planet.

Hunter, formerly of Blizzard, hand-painted the game’s artwork himself–and his handiwork is on full display in the game’s PS4 release trailer:

The whole thing looks to have turned out a little more arena-shootery and bullet-hellish than I was first expecting. Between that and the slidey character movement, I expect this should appeal to anyone looking for a Binding of Isaac-esque experience.

The feature list:

-Burn through hordes of foes with an arsenal of over 28 different spells, items, and abilities.

-Weave through complex bullet patterns while smiting titanic bosses and over 30 unique enemies.

-Explore an enchanted benevolent world, and then transform it into a nightmarish image of its former self.

-Ransack castles, pillage dungeons, escape eternal prisons, navigate gloomy caves, and awaken ancient evils.

-Meet a charming cast of townsfolk, and collect their souls to upgrade your weapons.

-Unravel devious puzzles, and scour the land for over 100 secrets.

-And of course, destroy the world.

You can snag Rack N Ruin for Playstation 4 now for $14.99; a Windows release is planned to follow.

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