New release: Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode II

Chronicles of a Dark Lord Ep 2
Okay! We’re several months late with this one, but we’ll chalk this one up as a “New to Me.” Word reaches me that there’s now finally a follow-up to 2012’s anti-hero-focused jRPG Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode I.

Developed by Kisareth Studios, Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode II War of The Abyss is an RPG Maker game in which you play–what else?–a dark lord:

A year has passed since Anto Calias fused with the essence of the dark god Xe’on and the War of The Abyss began. The forces of The Abyss are relentless in their campaign to annihilate the world of Cora. Magus Lee must unite with allies both old and new to prevent the coming apocalypse…but what will be the cost?

Sooooo, here’s the release trailer:

I’m…just…gonna ignore the fact that all of the game’s dark magic spells are apparently preceded by a neon purple Star of David. Not sure whose idea that was.

The devs state that CoaDL Episode II is over 30 hours long, and list the game’s features as follows:

– All new high-resolution artwork and lush landscapes will immerse you into the world of Cora like never before.
– New to the series is the inclusion of the Scion Grid for greater skill customization.
– The Active-Time Battle system returns with new features and enhancements.
– Professional-quality soundtrack, featuring independent artists such as Morte Mcadaver, Marielle Thomas, zero-project, and two tracks from acclaimed Youtube artist Eric “Erock” Calderone.
– No random battles. Enemies are visible on the map.
– Screen resolution options up to 1920 x 1080
– Enemies adapt and change tactics during combat.
– The choices you make have even greater impact and may even affect the final outcome and much more!

You can snag Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode II for $9.99 via Steam or Aldorlea Games. (It’s on Desura, too, but given that they haven’t been paying developers these past few months, I’d advise against buying games there.) Windows only.

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