OneSamurai: Dusk announced

Andrew Sutton of British indie studio Flaming Eye Games writes in to announce OneSamurai: Dusk, an RPG he’s developing set in feudal Japan.

Sutton describes the game as a “tactical RPG,” but you can recruit no more than 3 companions over the course of the game, which pretty clearly indicates that this game does not actually belong to that particular subgenre. Rather, OneSamurai appears to be an open-world wRPG that just happens to have turn-based combat.

The premise:

The year is 1274 and the Kamakura Shogunate is celebrating the 82nd year since its establishment by Minamoto no Yoritomo. The current shogun Prince Koreyasu is also celebrating his 10th birthday under the regency of Hojo Tokimune. But all is not as stable as it seems. Only 16 years earlier the ruling Goryeo dynasty of Korea was forced to swear fealty to Kublai Khan the grandson of Genghis Khan and his Mongol Horde. Kublai Khan has aspirations to conquer from the coast of the Atlantic to the coast of the Pacific and his gaze may soon fall east. Inside Japan’s borders itself many different clans vow for land, power and strength and some for the chance to eventually rule the land of the rising sun for themselves. You start as a single man with no clan, land, power or strength but in end may have the potential to divert the course of Japanese history.

OneSamurai is 3D, and graphically speaking, it bears a passing resemblance to Iron Tower’s Age of Decadence engine:

The game’s planned features include:

  • Turn based tactical combat
  • Stats based leveling
  • Open world map with over 50 unique villages, towns, cities & castles.
  • Over 150 quests covering events of Kamakura Shogunate and clan quarrels
  • 3 main different classes with different play styles
  • 3 different companions with different play styles to complement your own or oppose it
  • Decisions system which can change the outcome of the final game.
  • Ability to import character from this game to next
  • Over 30 Different Clan with the chance to help these clans in territorial conflict and increase their personal strength.

OneSamurai: Dusk is the first part of a planned trilogy–Sutton states that “Night” and “Dawn” will eventually follow Dusk, with each reflecting changed historical circumstances later in the Kamakura Shogunate.

OneSamurai: Dusk is planned for release on Windows, Mac and Linux in summer 2015 (which presumably means that the game is already finished and is now in the “fixing final bugs” stage, given that summer 2015 is right on top of us). There’s a free playable demo of OneSamurai’s turn-based combat system available for download right here. The full game is on Steam Greenlight, where it awaits your upvote.

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  • BarryB says:

    This sounds interesting, though of course it depends on how imaginatively the quest system works, how deep the NPCs and culture, etc. Typically, you can have a banquet of depth or breadth, but not both. Will be watching to see how this pans out. I hope you’ll give it one of your reviews when it comes out.


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