Space Rogue enters paid alpha

Space Rogue
Artur Diodorov of Ukrainian indie developer Red Beat writes in to announce Space Rogue, a sci-fi outer space roguelike in the FTL style that has just entered the paid alpha stage.

The premise of this one is pretty simple:

You’re in a command of a little spaceship with a crew of few members. Fight, gather resources, upgrade your spaceship and crew in order to become space adventurer #1.

From what I can tell, this game takes the FTL formula and makes some tweaks. The art style is nicer, for one thing, and it seems to offer some pretty extensive rules customization. From the sound of things on Steam, it also cuts out certain features from FTL (like shunting power to different systems or having each individual member of your crew man those different systems for a boost). You can see at least some of this for yourself in the release trailer:

The one thing that isn’t clear to me is whether you’re permitted to roam the universe at will, or whether you’re constantly weighing the potential benefits of exploration with the risk of being overtaken by an encroaching fleet (as you are in FTL). I’m guessing it’s the former, as early access players have mentioned being able to backtrack to earlier star systems.

The game’s planned feature list reads as follows:

  • Every walkthrough differs from the next – unique game world is generated each time you start a new game
  • 6 races of enemies with distinctive features and battle tactics
  • Fast and exciting space battles
  • More than 200 random events and quests
  • Sandbox mode in which you can fine-tune the game world generation and some core parameters of the game

Space Rogue is available on Steam Early Access for $29.99; Windows and Mac.

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  • Alyric says:

    I’ll mentally file this one under ‘interesting’ – but I’m holding off.

    I personally believe that a $30 price point for early access is too steep, particularly considering how many people have been burned by early access games that were never finished or ‘released’ in an unfinished state, then abandoned.

    I’ll keep an eye on it, though.

  • Sean says:

    Early access is $19.99 on Steam.

  • Carlo says:

    Spatials move over. Its time to be a space rogue.


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