Alnory announced

Harry Mulder writes in to announce Alnory, an RPG being developed by Dutch developers Team Avavi.

The premise:

Welcome to Alnory, a broken land ready to be scavenged by your band of heroes! Take on quests for gold and jewelry in this turn-based strategy RPG — growing your group as you see fit, and making it strong enough to face the ultimate evil.

Although he categorizes the game as a strategy RPG, your characters are not actually present on the battlefield in Alnory–combat is more akin to the row-and-column style found in Monster’s Den or Aravorn: Seasons of the Wolf, making the “strategy RPG” designation a bit misleading.

Mulder describes Alnory as a casual RPG, complete with colorful graphics and quick battles, complemented by deep character development.

Alnory is planned for release on Windows at the end of the year. Until then, however, there’s a free browser demo you can play online right here.

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