New release: Antharion

Ari Rae-Silver writes in to announce the release of Antharion, a new isometric wRPG from Florida indie studio Orphic Software.

There’s no official narrative summary anywhere, but I can tell you based on the time I’ve spent with it so far that the setup is pretty familiar to anyone who’s played wRPGs: the world is at peace, suddenly an evil threatens it, and you and your ragtag team escape prison and are tasked with finding and stopping the source of the evil.

Here’s a release trailer which shows a bit of what the game plays like:

And here’s the feature list:

  • Create and fully customize your party of four, choosing from 7 races, 9 classes and 15 skills.
  • Journey through five huge provinces, each with its own environment, history and culture.
  • Experience an open-ended epic storyline where you determine what happens.
  • Turn-based tactical combat makes dungeon crawling endlessly satisfying.
  • Explore a huge living-breathing and fully interactive open world.
  • Make choices that matter and affect the world around you.
  • Enjoy total freedom to play however you want.
  • Create and customize a party of four.

As implied above, I’ve had my hands on a build of the game for a couple of weeks now, and I intend to do an Checks Out of it very soon. (I’d have had one up already, frankly, but for the fact that FRAPS decided not to record it the last time I tried.)

Until I get that up, however, you can always try the game for yourself! Antharion is now available for $17.99 on Steam, The Humble Store, and direct from the developer; Windows and Mac.

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