New release: Star-Box

Michael Flynn writes in to announce Star-Box, which sounds like “Star Fox” but is actually a sandbox RPG set in space (see what they did there?) Star-Box was developed by FlynnFour Games, the developer behind Fortune’s Tavern.

The premise:

Fly around an infinite universe exploring alien worlds, abandoned cities, overrun space-stations, derelict ships, and parallel dimensions with little more than your trusty laser and inept, mechanical bodyguards. Collect and equip hundreds of items, weapons, and armours to help you on your journey. Get swept along in the politics of the year 4135 and lead a rebellion against a corrupt government and powerful corporations. Fight and capture 19 enemy vessels in tactical, bridge-based combat, and hire crew members to boost your fighting skills. Fall foul of strange spatial anomalies, giant space-fish, and human-hating AI programs through dynamic events that can strike at any time. Chose to work for Oberon Bounties and hunt down the scum and villains of the universe, for the Collector’s Guild, Earth Military, or for the mysterious Cicero recently awoken from a 2000 year cryo-nap. And if you fancy a challenge: play the game in ‘Ironman Mode’ where you only get a single chance at making it big.

According to the Flynn, the game features both real-time away missions and ship-to-ship combat:

At its core is an ARPG where the player explores procedurally generated worlds, space stations, and derelict ships full of aliens, pirates, and human hating AIs; either in the infinitely generated ‘random space’ or on quests for one of five factions. The second part of the game revolves around space-flight and bridge-to-bridge space-combat where players, and their crew, battle other vessels in order to destroy or capture them for themselves.

The game reportedly features 19 different ships, hundreds of items, crew hiring, boarding of enemy vessels, and mechs you can deploy against your enemies.

Star-Box is $9.99. You can get it on Steam; Windows only.

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