Coin Crypt Sea and Sky Expansion released

Coin Crypt
We’ve had a couple of expansions for existing indie RPGs drop this week; first up is Greg Lobanov’s “roguelite deckbuilding adventure game” Coin Crypt with a new Sea and Sky expansion.

He writes:

A new cast of characters land on the island, including a retired air pilot and intrepid submarine captain, opening up new paths and regions to explore in the sky and the sea. Rubo, the seventh deity, returns from hiding with a new set of coins poised to prove his dominance once and for all. And the monsters on the island grow stronger as the lootmancers uncover more secrets about the origin of the magical coins and the ancient civilization that was wiped from the island centuries ago…

There’s actually a new trailer released just for this expansion, so you can take a peek at some of the new stuff:

My impressions of the original release are here; I’m not sure if this expansion addresses any of the issues I had with Coin Crypt’s mechanics, but it definitely adds more content, including (per the developer):

  • 7 new character classes!
  • 100 new coins!
  • Unlock Sea and Sky world to have a choice between 3 different worlds each time you start a new run!
  • 9(!) new bosses to find within the levels or at the game’s end!
  • A new 7th deity to help build your perfect deck: Rubo, the deity of copy coins!
  • HARD MODE for the truly HARDCORE
  • An extended metagame–spend your savings on new equipment and unlockables after you’ve bought every class!

The expansion is $4.99 on Steam and Humble Store. Windows and Mac.

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