Dungeonsmans Fightamin D Expansion released

Andrew Aversa writes in to announce the release of a free “Fightamin D” expansion for the graphical roguelike Dungeonmans.

In case you forgot, I did a first impressions bit on the game here–but for now, suffice it to say that I like this game a whole lot. This expansion doesn’t add in the particular things that I was most dearly wishing for (namely, dynamic events on the world map), but it does add a whole bunch of other new things that are pretty hard to argue with:

* Steam achievements, trading cards, backgrounds & badges

* New outdoor dungeon type: Fallen Castles

* New monster-crushing implements: bare hands, shortbows, piercing polearms and more

* A variety of new magical, cursed, and legendary items scattered throughout the land

* All-new class – the Psychomanser – with new skill trees and abilities

* Full controller support

* New postgame content: the Amaranth Pandemonium

* Updated and rebalanced abilities across the board

* New artwork, character sprites, and tiles

Dungeonmans is doing the same thing Coin Crypt is, bundling the new expansion as a free update to the core game, which is currently on sale–33% off–until October 3rd. Snag it on Steam, or without the discount via The Humble Store; Windows only.

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