New release: Fantasy Dimension

Fantasy Dimension
Piotr Dziki writes in to announce that Fantasy Dimension (first mentioned in Back to Back here) has been released, unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign notwithstanding.

Fantasy Dimension is a tactical RPG with turn-based combat and a rather evocative ink-and-paper visual style. The premise is a bit light on story specifics:

Fantasy Dimension is an alternate world, created by dreams of humankind. Unfortunately, within human nature exists a duality – a good side and a dark side. This brings neverending warfare.

This description of the game’s overarching structure, likewise, makes things seem pretty open-ended: “Complete tasks for town residents, take part in arena tournaments, play mini games, increase your fame rank, and discover the many ways of acquiring coins.”

Luckily, the developer has provided a gameplay video giving the gist of how combat works, so we do have that:

(Note that this is a pre-alpha video; the developer informs me that the game’s sound and interface have been improved since this video was made.)

Fantasy Dimension’s features include character creation “allowing any combination of traits, skills and spells to create your own classes”; customizable difficulty; and experience point-based character development with customized traits, skills and spells.

Fantasy Dimension is a completely free game, playable in-browser. If you like what you’ve seen so far, you can give it a go right here and right now.

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  • Paul Chauvet says:

    The art style looks a lot like “Paper Sorcerer”. When I first saw the images, I was actually hoping it was that developer again as I really liked that game.


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