New release: It’s Killing Time

Its Killing Time
Eric Bonholtzer writes in to announce the release of It’s Killing Time. (It was released in mid-June. What can I say? I’m late on this one.)

A new text-based hybrid RPG / Choose-Your-Own-Adventure that weighs in at 140,000 words, It’s Killing Time puts you in the shoes of a killer for hire.

The premise:

Ever dream of what it’s like to be an assassin, travel the world driving an exotic car with outlandish weapons in the trunk and live a life of high-intrigue, action, and suspense? Well, now you have the chance to fulfill that fantasy.

Select your characteristics and set off on a tense thrill-ride where you won’t know who to trust or just who wants to put a target on your back.

IKT features character creation with “a multitude of options,” and multiple styles of play. Bonholtzer writes: “Build a career as a ruthless assassin or be a spiritual hitman or hitwoman who avoids collateral damage and everything in between.”

Sound like a way you’d kill time? It’s Killing Time is available for Android on Google Play or iOS on the Apple App Store for $3.99. It’s also available for Kindle and on the Chrome Store. As with all Choice of Games titles, there’s also a free web demo available here.

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