Sunday Dreams announced

Sunday Dreams
Milo Han writes in to announce Sunday Dreams, an “action platformer roguelike” set in the protagonist’s subconscious.

The premise:

To help Sunday cope with her debilitating insomnia, players must guide her safely through her dangerous, fantastical dreams and avoid an abrupt awakening.  The story is non-linear; players will piece together Sunday’s backstory by exploring her dreams and interacting with quirky NPCs.

As with all roguelike-likes, the game will feature procedurally generated environments and permadeath, but as with recent roguelikes, this one will also feature some persistent progress in the form of unlockable abilities.

Here’s a teaser trailer:

Planned features include:

  • Hybrid combat: Fight in real time with “Active” abilities and pause the game to employ powerful limited-use “Lucid” abilities.
  • Loot! Collect abilities, stat-enhancing items, scrolls, and more as you progress through the game.
  • Risk/reward upgrade system: Use scrolls to apply randomly generated upgrades to your abilities. If the upgrade fails, your ability will be destroyed.
  • Dynamic difficulty: If you’re looking for a challenge, enter “Nightmare” Doors to ramp up the difficulty and boost your rewards.
  • Explore: Interact with quirky NPCs and uncover secret locations. Try to figure out what’s going on in your head.

Sunday Dreams is being developed solely for Windows; there is no estimated release date as of now.

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