New release: FreeCell Quest

FreeCell Quest
Bryan Livingston of indie house Legend Studio writes in to announce the release of FreeCell Quest, which is basically an RPG that employs the famous solitaire variant in place of combat.

The premise:

When an archmage takes control of the entire continent of Selvarin, the world’s most powerful wizards try and fail to defeat him in battle. You are a young wizard, a master of cards, and you may have what it takes to outwit him.

The better you play, the stronger you become. Get heroic loot and collect cards to unlock new free cells. Level up to become more powerful and gain amazing skills. Travel across a vast and mysterious land, playing game after game as you prepare for your final battle.

Here’s a trailer:

Livingston lists the game’s features as follows:

  • Play free cell battles with up to 8 suits of cards.
  • Gain rewards and experience from your victories.
  • Find and buy awesome loot to become more powerful.
  • Learn spells to help you with the difficult challenges.
  • Collect cards to unlock more free cells.
  • Dodge attacks coming from buried cards by uncovering them.
  • Enjoy exploring a huge world with over 500 unique towns on your epic quest of card sorting!

“Epic quest of card-sorting.” Sure, why not?

FreeCell Quest is available for Windows on Steam at a $4.99 price point (there’s a 15% discount during launch week in case $5 somehow strikes you as too steep). FreeCell Quest also comes in a free-to-play mobile incarnation for Android and Windows Phone.

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  • Doji Star says:

    I’m sorry I saw this article. In undergrad I think I racked up several hundred straight wins of free cell on Windows until I got to the point where I was so afraid I would lose that I would sometimes play out the whole thing in my head before I moved a card and it turned from a stress reliever into a stressful addiction. Then I gave it up for good… Until now. You bastard.


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