New release: Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge

Celestial Tear
Tyrell and Whitney White of White Guardian Studios have reached out to let me know that the first portion of jRPG Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge (previously covered here as Demon’s Revenge, and in numerous Back to Back updates going all the way back to 2012) has been released!

According to the developers, this game has transformed dramatically from when I played an early demo of it 3 years ago–and evidently among those transformations is a new episodic structure. There will be three parts released in total; here is the plot premise of episode 1:

The story takes place on the planet Hasphal after humans colonized it and began hunting down its natives, Jehts, as they saw them as being disfigured and dangerous. You follow Sen as she heads into this ancient conflict built on prejudice, discovering the history behind it, its ties to religion, and even mysterious parts of herself.

I remember liking the game’s original combat sprites back in 2012, and based on the screenshots and release trailer, it looks like those have survived to the final release:

Per the devs, here are Celestial Tear’s features:

– A unique turn-based combo based combat system inspired by 16-bit fighting games.

– Exciting motion comic cut scenes.

– A beautiful world brought to life with 2D pixel art and animations.

– A rich story with voice acted dialogue.

– A powerful, original soundtrack.

Celestial Tear is Windows-only; you can nab it for $5.99 on Steam or via The Humble Store. In the meantime, the devs have provided me with a copy of the game, so I’ll do my best to check it out in short order!

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  • Rya.Reisender says:

    The developer was also one of the only ones who frequently visited the IndieRPGs forums before they closed down.

    Really interested in this game, but I’ll wait for a DRM-free release. Even the Humble Store only offers a steam key at the moment.


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