New release: Voidspire Tactics

Voidspire Tactics
Annnnnd we’re back! Sorry for the radio silence there, folks–some real-life stuff came up. Anyway, let’s get this ball rolling again!

First up, Sean Hayden writes in to announce that Voidspire Tactics (previously covered here) has now been released. Created by one-man army Rad Codex, Voidspire Tactics is an indie tactics RPG with a focus on exploration, party creation and character development.

The premise:

Just after stepping off the boat from a long voyage, the player is mistakenly abducted – along with the entire dock of Solport – into the Spire, a towering fortress comprised of chunks from other realms. Now they must fight to survive and discover the secret of the Spire.

Here’s the release trailer:

The feature list remains as it was when we last looked at this:

  • Open-ended exploration – traverse a nonlinear world full of secrets
  • Refined tactical combat fit for beginners and veterans alike – easy to learn, hard to master
  • Destructible terrain and elemental interactions – flood the battlefield, then shock everyone with lightning!
  • Abilities are good for more than just combat – freeze a river to cross it, or grow seeds into vines to scale mountains!
  • Choose from 4 playable races, unlock up to 17 classes, learn & upgrade 100+ abilities, and equip your choice of 50+ passive abilities
  • Atypical fantasy setting – not one elf, orc or goblin in sight!

Rich turn-based combat melded with exploration and an unusual setting sounds very much like my cup of tea, so I imagine I’ll be checking this one out soon.

In the meantime, you can snag Voidspire Tactics direct from the developer or on Steam for $14.99; Windows only.


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