Copper Dreams announced

Copper Dreams
Word reaches me that Whalenought, the developers behind Isle of Bxnes and Serpent in the Staglands, are now developing a 3D, isometric cyberpunk wRPG by the name of Copper Dreams.

The premise:

Dumped onto the island world of Calitana, you are one of hundreds drafted to ease the overcrowding that is rapidly miring the citizens of Earth in famine, violence and poverty. Once a beacon of hope, the isolated Calitana quickly devolved from lustrous to disastrous, unable to support its settlers, and overrun with unbridled corruption and lawless syndicates.

From waterways to rooftops, adaptability on the island means scaling the city heights, be it to avoid syndicate eyes or to explore the depths and secrets within. An isometric, fully 3d world allows for vertical freedom and movement. Traverse through districts by vaulting through windows, grappling hook to decks above, or jumping building to building. There’s no way off Calitana, but there are a myriad of ways through it.

Here’s a preview trailer:

The devs write that Copper Dreams will feature turn-based combat with time units and weapons with differing types of ammunition; a stealth system that makes use of sound, real-time shadows, and enemy field of vision; and the ability to customize a party of characters with cybernetic enhancements.

Whalenought tell me that they plan to run a Kickstarter for Copper Dreams, primarily “for additional content and a larger scope.” If the campaign doesn’t succeed, they’ll still finish development–the game will just be shorter.

Copper Dreams is being developed for Windows, Mac, and Linux. No tentative release date just yet, as the time it takes to complete will depend on the outcome of the eventual Kickstarter. You can sign up for email updates over on the Copper Dreams site.

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