New release: ChemCaper Act I

So! Remember ChemCaper, that chemistry-themed jRPG by Ace EdVenture Studio that was just funded on Kickstarter last month? Act I is somehow already out for Android and iOS.

The premise:

You are Roub Idyum, a Moon Being from Reac Ta.

For reasons unknown, a sinister foe has turned the usually friendly and helpful Petticles into dangerous little creatures, wreaking havoc on the peace-loving and knowledge-seeking Moon Beings.

In search of his parents, Roub will find many mysteries and wonders of his world. Not everything leads to an answer, and those he finds may not be the ones he wants to hear…

The developers appear to be leaning pretty hard on the “parents who want to help little Timmy learn chemistry” angle, and aren’t providing many details on the “actual game” part of the equation.

The developers state that ChemCaper has “over 100 characters and 14 locations based on chemical elements,” and promise “heroic quests / adventures and battles.” Beyond that, there isn’t a list of features. No release trailer, either–the closest we have is this video from during the game’s Kickstarter:

…heck, I can’t even find 6 different screenshots on the ChemCaper website to use for the gallery below.

If you feel like taking a chance on it, your price of admission will be $7.99: for iOS on the app store or Android on Google Play. The game is also planned for a PC release at some point, though when that might arrive is anyone’s guess.

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  • BarryB says:

    Act I is somehow already out for Android and iOS.

    So they need a kickstarter for a game they’ve already released on other platforms? Unless they’re adding significant content (and I don’t mean new artwork) to the mix, I’m left wondering why the kickstarter. Unless the game’s just not doing well on Android and iOS.


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