New release: Naroth

Helge Foerster writes in to inform me about Naroth, a 3D, first-person, open world action RPG of the Elder Scrolls stripe that was recently (okay…like, a month ago) released for mobile.

The premise:

You travel to Naroth, a green plateau located between the kingdoms of Vilden and Jarrad.
On your quest for information about your father, you descend deeper and deeper into the abandoned mines to finally discover a threatening secret. Are you brave enough to face the danger?

Here’s a trailer, which actually gets the basics across pretty well:

And here’s the official feature list:

– open world, fantasy role playing game
– offline, single player gameplay
– 3D first person perspective
– freely accessible world with 3 villages and other locations
– over 3 dozen quests…
– …and even more NPCs
– 15 different enemy types
– 30 dungeon levels
– over 100 items to find and purchase
– long-ranged and melee weapons
– alchemy system
– comprehensive skill tree
– auto-mapping
– quest log
– up to 15 hours of playing time

Naroth is entirely free; you snag it off of Google Play right here and play it whenever you like. Android only.

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