New release: Knights of Aira

Knights of Aira
Word reaches me that there’s a new strategy RPG on the scene entitled Knights of Aira.

Developed by “mirkwoodfalcon,” Knights of Aira comes with two distinct campaigns, each with its own narrative premise: The Company of Sir Oswell, and Grushnak’s Goblins.

The Company of Sir Oswell: Discover the dark secrets that lurk beneath the seemingly-peaceful world of Aira. Befriend humans and beasts alike on your quest to save the world from impending doom!

Grushnak’s Goblins: Join the goblin warlord Grushnak on a lighthearted quest to raze a village to the ground. Along the way, you’ll meet talking trees, pit beasts, angry mobs, and crazy old ladies.

Between the two campaigns, there seem to be 21 scenarios available in total. As for how it actually looks and plays, this trailer should hopefully shed some light on things:

The list of features:

  • Strategic combat
  • Challenging mechanics reward thoughtful playing and punish rash decisions
  • A compelling story line with memorable characters and epic combat
  • Includes two full campaigns: The Company of Sir Oswell and Grushnakh’s Goblins!
  • Beautiful retro pixel graphics by Oryx Design Lab

You can snag Knights of Aira on for Windows for a suggested $2.99 (it’s distributed using a “name your own price” system). It’s also available for Android on Google Play free of charge, albeit with in-app-purchases.

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