New release: The Lost Kingdoms

The Lost Kingdoms
Konstantinos “Savatar” Kantas writes in to announce the recent release of The Lost Kingdoms, a mobile RPG. Kantas states that this is his first game and it has some weaknesses, but it’s free and it’s short (a few hours in length).

The premise:

At the game you play as an unknown character that woke up inside a dark prison with no memory. Player must escape and try to recover back the his memory and find out who and why imprisoned him.

There you have it. The feature list:

* Retro pixel art graphics and aesthetic with tile based movement and exploration.

* A time phased combat system that requires fast thinking at real time.

* Increase your strengths by learning and upgrading 12 different skills and by discovering powerful equipment and useful consumables.

* Live and read the progress of your story through the Journal Entries at four chapters.

The Lost Kingdoms is entirely free with no IAP or ads. You can snag it for Android on Google Play, or if you prefer, download the .apk file directly from

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