New release: Bludgeons & Krakens

Zaid Walter of Cannibal Cat Software writes in to announce the release of Bludgeons & Krakens, which he describes as a turn-based RPG inspired by Ultima with simple, fast-paced combat and loot.

The premise:

Welcome to Abraxas! Unfortunately, you’ve arrived at just about the worst time imaginable. As a novice sellsword just looking for a job, you signed up with a mercenary company only to sell yourself into a land plagued by war, blight, a demonic invasion, and perhaps things even worse. I hope they pay you overtime.
The developer states: “The main quest requires the player to seek out and defeat bosses across the game world. The bosses can be defeated in any order, though some will be near impossible until the player reaches a higher level. These bosses also have specific abilities and weaknesses that can be exploited through the use of artifacts hidden in various areas. The player can choose to make use of these artifacts or not.”

There doesn’t seem to be a trailer, but we do have a feature list:

  • Play Your Way. Build your character from one of five classes–Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, or Druid–and customize him or her as you wish. Master weapon skills and magic abilities, upgrade your attributes, and empower yourself with mythic loot.
  • Explore a Strange World. Unearth ancient secrets in every corner of Abraxas. Meet the curious denizens of the land, many of whom will seek your help. Or simply wander the land in search of your fortune.
  • Fight for Survival (and Loot). Take on hordes of foes in turn-based combat. Sling spells, quaff potions, rend your enemies, and loot the bodies. When your skills are honed, seek out powerful bosses who will truly challenge your abilities.

Bludgeons & Krakens is freeware, though you have the option to donate to the developer if you like; Windows only. Snag it here.

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