New release: Cellpop Goes Out At Night

Remember The Real Texas? Of course you do! Well developer Calvin French of Kitty Lambda Games has written in to announce that he’s released a “mini-sequel” to The Real Texas. The name? Cellpop Goes Out At Night.

Here’s the premise:

Cellpop is a small floating-eye-like alien girl who lives at a shopping mall, Kad, out on the Barlic Wastes, on the Planet of the Friendeyes.

Two years ago, communications were suddenly cut off from Kad and the rest of the planet, and the train that connects the Barlic Wastes to The City stopped running.

Since then, you’ve grown up a bit. Everyone is still trying to go about their daily business but without any customers or outside contact, things at Kad are a bit weird. Some Friendeyes have even gone missing! But don’t worry– everything will be OK now that Mom built the wall. So just play with your best friend, Sokpop, do your chores, and try to be helpful to the adults.

Sooner or later things will get back to normal! They always do.

I confess, I don’t personally recall aliens figuring prominently in the original game, but The Real Texas was just weird enough that I’m willing to believe that this is, in fact, an actual sequel to it. Here’s the trailer:

You can snag Cellpop Goes Out at Night direct from the developer, or through any of Steam, GOG, or Cellpop Goes Out at Night is $3.99, but since it’s DLC, you’ll need the original $14.99 game to play it–you can get the original game at any of those same links above.

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