Fort Triumph announced

Adam Zeira writes in to let me know about a tactical RPG he’s now working on with 10 fellow indie devs in Tel Aviv, called Fort Triumph. (The development team, rather confusingly, is also called Fort Triumph.)

Zeira states that they’re making Fort Triumph (the game) a sort of fantasy X-Com, with procedurally generated battles and campaigns. Ambitiously, this approach extends to the narrative premise as well:

The stories of Fort Triumph are composed of several elements, procedurally generated from a selection of locations, enemies, allies, events, quests, and influenced by the player’s choices.

In one playthrough you may be facing a horde of monsters laying siege to your castle, in another you’re invading the domain of zealous subterranean molemen to rescue the duke’s spoiled son, and in a third you’re rallying an army for a climactic battle against a neighboring kingdom. No two playthroughs are alike.

As befits a game modeled on X-Com, there’s also a strategic layer in which “you can recruit and train heroes, buy and craft equipment, take on quests, travel the world.”

In a conversation at PAX, Zeira informed me that they’re shooting for a depth of interactivity in battle comparable to Telepath Tactics–and based on this description, I can certainly believe that:

Different hero classes can interact with the environment in different ways. This isn’t limited to specific objects, everything in the world is interactable: trees, rocks, barrels, and even enemies or allies can be pushed, pulled, knocked down, used as cover, frozen, burned and more.

Knock down a pillar, and use it as cover for your heroes. Uproot a tree, and use it to cross a river. Push a boulder, and climb on it as a platform to an area you otherwise couldn’t reach. Kick an ally over a chasm to reach an enemy archer – the possibilies are endless.

Here’s a gameplay trailer showing the current state of the game:

Fort Triumph are shooting to release Fort Triumph on Early Access in the first half of 2017; Windows only. (It’s also planned for eventual release on XBox One and PS4.) No word yet on what Fort Triumph–the game, not the team–will cost to purchase.

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